Arnold Schwarzenegger on Bruce Willis’ retirement: “Action stars never retire.” 2023
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Arnold Schwarzenegger on Bruce Willis’ retirement: “Action stars never retire.” 2023

Arnold Schwarzenegger had nothing but kind words to say about Bruce Willis. Arnold stated that he thinks Bruce is “fantastic” and that he will always be a “huge star” in response to Bruce’s announcement that he will be taking a break from acting due to his bad health.

This came after Bruce confirmed that he will be doing so. As a result of the medical diagnosis that the Hollywood actor Bruce Willis has, which is that he has a brain illness known as frontotemporal dementia, the actor has decided to retire from performing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is quoted as saying, “I believe that he is outstanding. He had a consistent run of years and years during which he was a tremendous, huge star. In addition, I believe that he will forever be regarded as a very famous celebrity. And a kind dude.”

‘Action stars never retire’

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Bruce Willis' retirement: "Action stars never retire." 2023 3

Arnold continued by saying, “I understand that given his circumstances, particularly with regard to his health, he was forced to resign. However, you should be aware that most of us do not actually retire. They reload their weapons, those action heroes.”

There was a previous collaboration between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. In addition to working together on The Expendables franchise, the two of them serve on the board of directors for the Planet Hollywood restaurant brand..

In the meanwhile, Bruce Willis celebrated his 68th birthday in March with his family, which included his kids, his ex-wife Demi Moore, and his current wife Emma Heming Willis. As for Arnold, his next role will be in the new action comedy that will be released on Netflix called Fubar.

It is a documentary series that follows him throughout his life. In addition to that, he is now working on a book titled Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life, which will be published soon.

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