BreakTime’s New Single “Motor City Mama” Is Pure Rock & Roll 2023
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BreakTime’s New Single “Motor City Mama” Is Pure Rock & Roll 2023

BreakTime’s “Motor City Mama” is a hit. The rock and roll song is happy and upbeat. This frenetic tune mixes 60s throwback rock and roll with 80s influences. The band performed well and gave the composition a joyful and illuminating atmosphere.

The world’s largest entertainment sector, the music industry, is continuously looking for something fresh. Music is the oldest and most popular art form. This makes the art form even more repetitive, so people grab anything new. The band’s latest song offers what the industry and audiences want—invigorating.

Four members formed a jersey cover band in 2018. Sean on bass, Thommy on lead guitar, Doug on rhythm guitar, and Peter on drums each provide something distinct and delightful. BreakTime, a cover band, is now a songwriting collaborative.

BreakTime's New Single "Motor City Mama" Is Pure Rock & Roll 2023 3

BreakTime’s new track “Motor City Mama” mixes old rock & roll with current sounds

The band began to write fresh music as their live performance attendance increased. The band’s fans, who formerly liked shoegaze, punk, hard rock, and country, are now welcoming their new music!

The strong rock guitar riffs and anthemic, distorted tones of “Motor City Mama” invigorate the crowd. This track’s pop-rock, retro-modern composition wins.

However, the positive tale via expressive, heartfelt, and well-versed lyrics makes the song more unforgettable. The music’s unique voices compliment the hook’s loudness and recurrence in the audience’s head.

“Mastermind,” “Rock N’ Roll Refugee,” “Maybe No, Maybe Yes,” “Tammie,” and others are now on Spotify and YouTube. Facebook, Instagram, and the band’s website.

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