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California is the best state to raise a family as a single parent, study finds

There are palm trees in front of homes in Los Angeles after sunrise. There is a photo by Patrick T. Fallon.

A study shows that California is the best state to raise a family as a single parent.

The skyline of Los Angeles after sunrise has palm trees above homes. This photo was taken by Patrick T. Fallon.

The rate of children living with a single parent in the United States is three times the global rate.

California is the best place to be if your family falls into this category.

The best places to raise a family as a single parent are determined by 10 criteria, including income, affordability, time factors, and workplace protections.

While the cost of living in California is high and it can take a long time to commute, the Golden State landed at the top of the list due to high marks for workplace protections, income and child care assistance.

Eight weeks of paid family leave is one of the reasons why California has the highest workplace protection score. The study found that California gives 40 hours a year of free time to attend school activities, which is more than any other state.

“Sure, California is expensive, especially in the big cities, but some of the state’s family friendly policies can make a really big difference to families.” Knowing that you can take family leave or go to your daughter’s concert without putting your job in jeopardy is big.

California had the sixth highest income score based on an average single parent income.

California residents who earn less than $73,885 a year are eligible for child care assistance, which is the highest amount in the U.S.

The state of Massachusetts was second on the list. Georgia was the last state to do so.

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