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Grace Van Dien answers Faze Rain 2023

Grace Van Dien, a Stranger Things actor and FaZe Clan content producer, has responded to FaZe Rain’s recent statements about her joining the group, branding him “a girl” for his insults.

Celebrities, actresses, and other high-profile figures have cooperated with esports and gaming groups in recent years. This will attract fresh talent to the companies and broaden their skill pools.

Kyler Murray, Snoop Dogg, and others have collaborated with FaZe Clan, one of the pioneers of this strategy. This adjustment has proved controversial. Especially from FaZe founders and early employees.

FaZe Rain, a founding member, has criticized the new owners and leaders. Even revealing that Stranger Things actress Grace Van Dien will join the group. Rain termed the deal “political” and has criticized Van Dien since.

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“I didn’t expect hatred from inside the house”

In a recent stream, Van Dien addressed a new wave of FaZe Rain remarks and provided context for the criticism.

She warned that it could be hard to hear. “Just a trigger warning—if you need to leave the live I understand. I know you don’t want to talk about some things right now, but I need to.”

She then talked about her FaZe journey and why she wants to speak up against Rain and defend herself rather than ignore his insults.

“Everyone keeps telling me just don’t respond but I grew up with a lot of obstacles and didn’t always have a lot of people defending me and so I just always want to defend myself.

Streaming organization. I met them last July or August. I’ve been telling them for two days how pleased I am to bring in a female voice.

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I wanted to be the other female content producer and provide female energy and voice to an organization that isn’t always female-friendly.”

Grace Van Dien answers to FaZe Rain’s latest criticism and sexism.

“One of the employees of Faze reached out to me and said Rain feels bad and would like to talk to me,” she stated, adding that Rain had done no such thing and never addressed it before the first announcement, despite being loud about his disapproval of her signing.

I would have prepared for this larger hate tsunami. He didn’t. I told him to “get fucking wrecked,” which he didn’t enjoy.

Van Dien then meticulously reacted to Rain’s fresh statements regarding her gaming abilities and personal insults.

“I was hired as a content creator,” she said when he mocked her for being Gold in Valorant. I’m not a great gamer. I never improved playing them.”

She then addressed her Stranger Things part and denied that it is her “entire personality.”

“I’m proud of Stranger Things and the impact my 10-minute role had. It’s fine to brag.

Van Dien then revealed that she does not know what a Trick Shot is but said, “I know that’s what you’re kinda known for but I know you Rain as the person who almost overdosed on a live stream and I know that you’re better now and I’m really proud of you for that. I am because my mum was really into drugs.”

Finally, Van Dien called FaZe Rain out for calling her “mid” and that he would not allow her “put hands on him” even while inebriated.

“That is a classy joke considering you were in the organization at the same time as a man accused of sexually harassing multiple intoxicated women. Where are you? I stand beside the woman.

She concluded that Rain said all these things because she “is a girl.”

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