Coi Leray Slams Women Who Said Her Name 2023
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Coi Leray Slams Women Who Said Her Name 2023

Coi Leray is fed up with the naysayers and wants them to stop bringing her name up.

Saturday (April 29) at Virginia Beach, Virginia’s Something in the Water festival, Coi Leray wowed the audience. During her set, the New Jersey-born rapper halted the performance to address the naysayers who always seemed to mention her name.

“People speak nonsense every single day. “Every day I have a hater on my dk,” she told the throng, as seen in the video that follows. “A new b*h has uttered my name. Someone acquired something odd.”

She continued, “But the best thing that got me here is my team and, of course, God.” “And you can’t do it without them, period.”

Coi concluded, “Therefore, if you’re a selfish prick and you’re on some “I’ll do it myself” kick, you’re a selfish prick.” “Do not be among them.”

Coi Leray Slams Women Who Said Her Name 2023 3

The former 2021 XXL Freshman may be referencing her Twitter feud with Latto, whom she called out for comparing her to a blunt on her song “Put It On Da Floor.”

Latto concluded her set last week at the Coachella Music & Arts Festival in Indio, California, by performing “Put It on Da Floor.” But before doing so, the Atlanta emcee addressed Coi’s body-shaming comments on the song.

“Aye, Coi. In addition, I adore your body, sweetheart,” she told the throng.

Coi replied to the compliments on Twitter.

“I was confused by the diss record with my name on it,” she tweeted to clarify her initial reaction. “Much affection to Latto! Thank you for the compliment.”

The “Players” rapper is not deterred by her detractors. She released two hit songs last week: the sex-positive anthem “My Body,” which samples Lesley Gore’s 1963 single “It’s My Party,” and the catchy song “Bops.”

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