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David Letterman criticizes Tom Cruise for missing Oscars 2023

Former late-night talk show presenter David Letterman questioned Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel during a conversation on Letterman’s program the actual reason why Tom Cruise was absent from the Academy Awards.

The subject “why did Tom Cruise not attend Oscars 2023” has been on everyone’s thoughts since March 13, when the 95th Academy Awards were held. David Letterman also demands that the question be answered. Variety stated that, during a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel on his talk program, the former late-night presenter inquired about the actual reason why Tom Cruise was absent from the Academy Awards.

Even though ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ was nominated for six Academy Awards and Cruise was nominated for best picture as one of the film’s producers, he boycotted the 2023 ceremony. “We have no idea where Tom Cruise was,” said Kimmel to Letterman. We’ve learned about production concerns.

What does that signify? Letterman asked. It is nonsensical. “Exactly. “It’s extremely general,” remarked Kimmel. Yet, we have no idea what occurred.

Kimmel said, “Yes. It appears as though he should have been present, yet he was not. Perhaps he felt he wouldn’t win, so he decided not to go. “But you and I both know he should have been there, right?” Letterman then asked Kimmel.

“Of sure,” Kimmel responded. “He is the Hollywood prince.” “More power to your achievement,” Letterman continued. “Even without Mr. Big Shot, the program was never more successful. “Well done, Jimmy”

Kimmel and his writing staff decided to include a light Scientology joke in his Oscars address due to Cruise’s absence. The host jokingly said, “Tom Cruise shirtless in the beach football scene? L. Ron Hubba Hubba, you know what I’m saying?” Cruise was hardly the only celebrity to boycott the Academy Awards. James Cameron, director of “Avatar: The Way of Water,” also did not attend the prize ceremony.

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