Genge is included in the new Grammys category 2023
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Genge is included in the new Grammys category 2023

The pioneers of Genge music in Kenya, as well as Kenyan musicians in general, are ecstatic about the fact that the music genre has been officially classified in a new category for the 66th Grammy Awards.

This week, the Academy made the announcement that it will be introducing three new award categories in celebration of the outstanding work being done by artists and producers.

At the 2024 Grammy Awards, there will be awards presented in three new categories: Best African Music Performance, Best Alternative Jazz Album, and Best Pop Dance Recording. Each of these categories will be presented with their respective trophies for the very first time.

The genres of Afrobeat, Afro-fusion, Afro Pop, Afrobeats, Alte, Amapiano, Bongo Flava, Kizomba, Chimurenga, High Life, Fuji, Kwassa, Ndombolo, Mapouka, Ghanaian Drill, Afro-House, South African Hip-Hop, and Ethio Jazz are included in the Best African Music Performance category, which Genge was nominated for.

Genge is included in the new Grammys category 2023 3

The Recording Academy has stated that the addition of these new categories would make it possible for a far wider variety of artists to compete for Grammys and will significantly contribute to displaying exceptional talent from all over the world.

The establishment of these three categories is by no means a trivial matter

“And as with all category additions and amendments at the Grammys, changes like these open up the prospect of GRAMMY wins and nominations to artists from a multitude of backgrounds and across more genres,” a portion of the statement said.

Prior to the modification, such musicians would have competed in the category for the greatest global music performance, which has been a part of the global music field since its inception in 2022.

Following the news, the pioneers of Genge music, including Clemmo, Nonini, Jua Cali, and others, were ecstatic and took to their respective social media platforms to celebrate the victory.

“Oh, my heavenly goodness!The most important developments in the world of entertainment today! The category of “Best African Music Performance” at this year’s Grammy Awards will now include GENGE! Mic is dropped.

“Msiwai Dharau, your very own Genre, Handcrafted From the Ground Up! Let’s keep pushing and make Noise. Unapologetically!” wrote Nonini.

To which you may append, “I believe it’s only fitting that I update all of my biographies online! Kwani Kesho?”

On his end, Jua Cali penned the following message to his mother: “Mama we did it!!!!!!!! GENGE to All the World!!!!!”

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