Kris Bernal: “Days are getting longer, harder” 2023
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Kris Bernal: “Days are getting longer, harder” 2023

Kris Bernal has acknowledged that, despite the fact that she is looking forward to seeing her first kid, she is having a difficult time overcoming obstacles during the last few weeks of her pregnancy. She is battling “hard as hell” to do so.

Wednesday, June 14 was the day that the actress, who is currently 31 weeks along in her pregnancy, went public with this information via her Instagram page.

“The days are getting longer and harder and you’re getting bigger, but I am so excited to meet you, baby girl!” she said. “The days are getting longer and harder.” “I simply cannot believe that I am here in the home stretch of my pregnancy! Every day felt like I was fighting for my life!”

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“In spite of everything, I continued on. I was able to find the courage inside myself to persevere,” she went on to say. “I did the best I could with what I had and fought like hell!” And I am very grateful to God for granting me the opportunity to go through this!”

“I see you, I feel you, and you’re not alone!” “Just like you,

Bernal also addressed her fellow pregnant women, encouraging them that they are able to persevere despite “feeling unsure” of what is to come even if they are capable of doing so.

“Even though we are all anxious about the future, I have faith that we can make it through this.” This was always going to be our destiny. “We are much more capable than we give ourselves credit for,” she said. “Remember that the prize is the ability to enjoy life for the rest of your days! It is not a simple undertaking, but we are succeeding with flying colors!

After that, Bernal came to the conclusion of her piece by saying, “Pregnancy is definitely a miracle…. Also, becoming a mother is a blessing that I will never take for granted.

Bernal was encouraged by the words of support she got from fans who shared her anticipation of finally seeing the actress’ child.

In 2021, Bernal and her husband, the businessman Perry Choi, tied the knot in a ceremony that took place in a chapel. The pair first shared the news that the actress was pregnant in March of last year, and then they shared the news that they were expecting a daughter in April.

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