Jamie Foxx Leaves Hospital 2023
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Jamie Foxx Leaves Hospital 2023

After a “medical complication” in April 2023, Jamie Foxx left the hospital. He was hospitalized while filming Netflix’s “Back in Action” with Cameron Diaz. Corinne Foxx, Foxx’s daughter, said her father has been home for weeks and is doing great.

Corinne announced her father’s hospitalization on Instagram on April 12. “My father, Jamie Foxx, had a medical complication yesterday,” she wrote. He is recovering thanks to timely action and excellent care. We appreciate your prayers. The family requests privacy.”

Corinne informed followers on May 12 that her father is doing well after weeks out of the hospital. She confessed he played pickleball the day before. Corinne hinted to an interesting job announcement.

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Fox Entertainment confirmed Nick Cannon will host “Beat Shazam” while Foxx heals. Foxx praised Cannon for stepping in and providing the love and support.

Foxx works despite health issues. IMDb lists 10 projects, including “Back in Action” and “Strays,” which were postponed.

Foxx discussed his stalled directorial debut, “All-Star Weekend,” with Robert Downey Jr., Benicio del Toro, Gerard Butler, Jeremy Piven, and Eva Longoria, in April 2022. The 2016 film follows two best friends who win tickets to the NBA All-Star game but have their trip plans ruined by a gang of outlandish (and race-swapped) individuals.

“We’re trying to break open the sensitive corners where people go back to laughing again,” Foxx said of comedy in today’s sensitive society. We wanted to keep them smiling and get them to “All-Star Weekend.”

After a “medical complication” in April 2023, Jamie Foxx was released from the hospital and is healing. Foxx has 10 planned projects despite his health issue. Foxx and his daughter will shortly unveil a thrilling project.

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