A former partner of Boris Becker criticized him 2023
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A former partner of Boris Becker criticized him 2023

The tennis superstar, 55, shares 13-year-old son Amadeus with his ex-wife, 46-year-old Lily Becker, who claims that Boris, who served eight months of his two-and-a-half-year prison sentence for bankruptcy fraud, only thinks about himself.

She told the Daily Mail, “Prison hasn’t altered him at all. Boris has come out of prison doing the whole ‘I am so contrite’ routine. However, there is an endless stream of I, I, I. Please give me a reprieve.”

Boris Becker’s ex-wife criticized him for being egotistical.

She added, in reference to an interview Boris gave on German television after his release from prison, “Thank God for the Peleton cycle. I went upstairs and worked on it for an hour, but when I returned, he was still talking and I caught a brief glimpse of him weeping. Simulated weeping. embarrassing, in fact.

A former partner of Boris Becker criticized him 2023 3

Was he receiving acting instruction in prison? It made me chuckle. I am familiar with this individual. This individual was my husband. I continue to be married to this individual. Boris does not care about anyone other than himself.

Then there was a magazine interview in which he stated that co-parenting a child requires an intelligent couple. He was referring to his first wife Barbara [Felthus], who had never contradicted his version or his story.

“He seemed to neglect that I was his wife for many of those years, so the three of us were co-parenting.

“He then began speaking about his new fiancée, describing how she is the greatest passion of his life. What? How many of them are allowed? How can he speak to the world about the great love of his life when the person who should be the great love of his life, his son, was hardly mentioned?”

And Lily is dissatisfied with how Boris has discussed their marriage in interviews.

She stated, “I have no idea where he is. He appears to be quite mobile. I did not expect things to change when he was released from prison, but I hoped he would at least appreciate the fact that I had to clean up his debris. A thank you would have been greatly appreciated. Instead, I received insults from his numerous interviews.

“I didn’t ask for much. Someone should have given him a text on co-parenting in prison. He had the opportunity to read it. He could have gained some knowledge.”

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