John Stamos Sings ‘Y.M.C.A.’ Unhingedly 2023
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John Stamos Sings ‘Y.M.C.A.’ Unhingedly 2023

John Stamos has blessed us with exceptional musical performance!

The fictitious Jesse and the Rippers vocalist, whose persona pleased Full House fans whenever he played “Forever,” and occasional guest member of The Beach Boys, returned to the stage to perform a version of the Village People’s “Y.M.C.A.”

Nonetheless, he has given it a heck of a twist.

In a trailer for the March 28 edition of That’s My Jam, which airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on NBC, Stamos participates in a segment Jimmy Fallon refers to as “Nonsense Karaoke,” in which “the lyrics have been substituted with pure gibberish.”

When the song by the Village People begins to play, Fallon remarks to Stamos, “Everyone knows that, right?”

“I believe so, but it will not be that,” he explains.

Fallon concurs, “No, it will be humiliating,” before guiding the television personality to the microphone.

When the music begins, Stamos begins to move to the beat and removes his jacket, prompting fellow contender Taraji P. Henson to begin cheering before he even begins to speak.

As stated, what emerges is nothing short of insane, yet he is nothing if not professional, yelling out the words like he knows them by heart.
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The opening lyric of the song is “Spray tan, now I look like a clown/Lego Batman,” and it just gets worse from there.

“This guacamole is dark and from Cinn-cinn-ati, so throw it out. Large hands, unable to wear gloves in the snow; I watch C-SPAN with a grape stuffed up my nose. My ex-girlfriend, who resembles Optimus Prime/Craig, wants to Skype with me “He says, prompting Craig Robinson, another rival, to pull out his phone.

The chorus continues the mayhem as he sings, “I shared an Uber with Tim Chalamet,” which causes him to giggle before he adds, “Not the actor, but some dude from Los Angeles.”

Finally, Fallon joins in and they perform a duet “Oh boy/Pamplemousse is the most delicious LaCroix flavor. I shared an Uber with Tim Chalame/some guy from Los Angeles, not the actor. He performed “Come On Eileen” on a brand-new glockenspiel, and then he borrowed my snowmobile.”

We have no idea how the other contestants will beat this feat, but we’ll be watching to find out!

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