Matt Damon Calls Jimmy Kimmel a “Terrible Human Being” After Years-Long Argument 2023
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Matt Damon Calls Jimmy Kimmel a “Terrible Human Being” After Years-Long Argument 2023

The “feud” between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel continues to escalate. Even on the red carpet, it is difficult for the duo to maintain civility.

Damon walked the red carpet at the opening of his new film, Air, at the Regency Village Theatre in West Hollywood on Monday, where he chatted with ET’s Kevin Frazier about his (alleged) long-standing feud with the late-night talk show host.

When asked if he would ever consider burying the hatchet and moving on, Damon shouted, “Never!” “No, he is an asshole. Why would I do such a thing?”

Matt Damon Calls Jimmy Kimmel a "Terrible Human Being" After Years-Long Argument 2023 3

“He is a horrible person,” Damon said. “He is an awful human being. He is plainly a nasty person.”

Kimmel walked the red carpet behind him, and Damon grabbed the chance to poke fun at the host.

“Hey! I’d love to take a photo with you, but time has run out!” Damon screamed at Kimmel, mocking the continuing prank on Jimmy Kimmel Live in which Kimmel apologizes to Damon at the conclusion of each program for running out of time and being unable to invite him on.

When Kimmel appeared on ET, he only stated, “Really, I have no idea who it was, but I did hear him. He was audible.”

Despite Damon’s vehement denial, Kimmel asserts that he “was the cocaine bear” at this year’s Oscars, i.e., the man wearing the notorious bear costume, despite Damon’s denial.

Kimmel questioned, “Did he claim he wasn’t the bear?” “He embodied the bear”

“And completely loaded with cocaine,” the comic said.

When asked if they would ever reconcile on his program — or even if he would devote an entire hour to Damon — Kimmel dismissed the possibility, saying, “I simply cannot image that occurring. I simply cannot. Ben Affleck is scheduled to appear on television tomorrow, so that will be as near as we get.”

On April 5, the new picture by Damon and Affleck, Air, will be simultaneously released in cinemas and on Amazon Video.

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