Keke Palmer urges MeToo in music 2023
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Keke Palmer urges MeToo in music 2023

The 29-year-old actress and singer, who signed with Atlantic Records at age 12 and released her debut album ‘So Uncool’ in 2007, before launching her own Big Bosses Entertainment label in 2018, has disclosed that she has been the victim of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry.

Speaking to PEOPLE about her new album ‘Big Boss,’ which details some of the challenges she has faced, Keke said: “I think everybody’s going through something similar in their respective jobs, or even those of us working in the music industry — not just artists, but producers, writers, or whatever.

We all know what it’s like to be in a space where there’s a lot of misogyny and where you’re trying to get people to see your value and realize that you go where you’re valued and that you don’t have to impose anything.

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Keke Palmer has urged the establishment of a MeToo movement in the music industry.

“Great if they see it. If not, you must move on and create an environment more conducive to your mental health and creative expression. I simply wished to convey that I have experienced it. I endured my own difficulties, and ‘Hey, this is how I coped with it, and this is how I moved on.’ This is my testimony in a multitude of ways.

“As far as being in an uncomfortable situation as a woman, where I am either sexually harassed, intimidated, or just made uncomfortable in a predominantly male-dominated space, those are very real individuals, and that is a very real and factual situation. There are innumerable others.”

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Regarding the need for a MeToo movement in the music industry, she added, “It hasn’t happened yet, but it should. Obviously, bad things occur in all industries, but specifically in the entertainment industry. We are aware that terrible things occur in both industries, but it is almost as if the acting industry represents a union and the music industry represents a non-union.

It is occurring in the world of actors, but it will ultimately come to an end. Someone is going to be selected. Something will transpire. We will reach some sort of agreement at some juncture. When it comes to music, it seems as if everyone is paid, and everyone is a corrupt officer. So, it appears that nothing will ever truly culminate.”

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