Prince and Princess of Wales ‘gobsmacked’ vicar 2023
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Prince and Princess of Wales ‘gobsmacked’ vicar 2023

A Welsh vicar was “amazed” by the benevolence of Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

The royal couple visited St. Thomas’s Church in Swansea, Wales, in September, and Reverend Steven Bunting was astonished by their generosity after they offered to replace all the items stolen from the church’s food bank and infant bank.

Speaking with PEOPLE, he revealed, “It was an extremely unanticipated phone call.

“Initially, I received a voicemail from a member of the royal household requesting me to contact them back.

They essentially stated that Their Royal Highnesses were distressed to hear about the incident and wanted to assist. And they asked if it was alright if they replaced all the stolen items. I was absolutely dumbfounded!”

After Reverend Bunting posted about the burglaries on the church’s Facebook page, the prince and princess made their magnanimous offer.

He stated, “They intend to return us to our condition prior to the burglary.”

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