‘The Flash’ is overkill but will satisfy diehard fans 2023
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‘The Flash’ is overkill but will satisfy diehard fans 2023

We have entered an era where there is such a high number of superhero movies that the number of cameos in a film is now used as a measure of how good the movie is.

The creation of superhero stories that take place in several universes has evolved into its own distinct subgenre. Every character in a comic book needs one now, and the goal is to make it better than the one before it.

It’s possible that “The Flash” is the first movie of its sort, the kind of movie in which fans are more thrilled to see the supporting characters than the headline character.

Not only does Michael Keaton’s return to the role of Batman make him the oldest actor to ever do so, but it also brings a generational icon from the 1990s back to vibrant life.

This is when we come face-to-face with the film’s most significant schism. More over half of “The Flash” is dedicated to appeasing nostalgic fans. If you don’t feel chills when Barry discovers a velvet laughing bag, then you probably won’t understand a lot of what happens in the rest of the movie.

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