Royal Blood’s “dark” album 2023
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Royal Blood’s “dark” album 2023

Mike Kerr, age 33, and Ben Thatcher, age 35, will release their self-produced album ‘Back to the Water Below’ on September 8, accompanied by the single ‘Mountains at Midnight’.

Mike, who has been sober for about four years after a battle with alcohol and narcotics, told The Cut, “It feels like I was writing from a very isolated, gloomy, and desolate place.

“When I’m in that situation, it’s not always about escaping it. It’s not about attempting to reach the surface; rather, it’s about recognizing where I am and resting in those emotions. I’ll endeavor not to reveal everything, however.”

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The new album by Royal Blood was written from a “dark” location.

However, he stated that the record does not simply consist of loud cacophony to match the tone of his remarks.

Mike added, “The greatest risk of being in a rock band today is walking out onstage looking cool as f*** and hiding behind a wall of noise without any art or meaning behind what you’re doing.”

“This is the fastest method to become disoriented. I want you to experience what I’m saying. I want it to originate from a genuine source… I labored over each and every word, and I am fully aware that attempting to articulate it in public will undo all my efforts.

Mike added that the band’s setup may appear basic, but their work is anything but “easy.”

He stated, “I’m confident there are those who believe what we do is simple.

“Go ahead, give it a shot. There are no hiding places in this band.”

He added about the band’s new composition, “It feels like the sort of Royal Blood song that should have always existed.”

Mike also told NME about the new album, “It’s always been about grabbing people’s attention, and tracks of this nature appear to be uncommon.

“It sounds so much like us and our reputation. As a reintroduction to us, it felt daring to return and say “Hello!”

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