Tunes in Town: Mercedez Marie 2023
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Tunes in Town: Mercedez Marie 2023

Tunes in Town will occasionally feature Hampton Roads musicians.

Mercedez Buchan always enjoyed performing. She grew up performing for her family. It drives her at 20.

Buchan, as Mercedez Marie, is releasing her own songs. The pop singer knew she wanted to make music from a young age.

Since birth, I’ve sang and entertained. I lived in Germany with my retired military family. I moved to the US at seven. After dancing, I sang and acted. As I attended additional classes and learned about my job options, Buchan fell in love with the arts.

Buchan began technical classes at 13 to learn how her voice worked. She considered it a career while studying.

I thought, ‘How can I make this happen?’ after those lectures. I wanted more than singing and acting. “I threw myself into it and knew this was what I wanted and was meant to do,” she said.

Buchan started her career at 15. That endeavor and professional job taught her the business.

Tunes in Town: Mercedez Marie 2023 3

I was simply a young kid who wanted to sing, but the entertainment world is so much more. I grew a lot. “I learned that the industry is writing, producing, recording, singing, performing, selling, marketing, and more,” Buchan added.

Her interest for records relieves her daily tension.

Music was my escape. I sung without thinking. I felt and connected with others via words. Buchan stated music is strong via ordinary emotions.

Buchan began professional auditioning after visiting iPop!, which showcases unknown talent to agencies and casting directors.

At iPop!, I auditioned for so many individuals and projects to open my own door. Everyone in the audition room was fantastic. You sang with others outside your friends and neighbors.

Talented people with your aspirations and desires. It wasn’t a competition but about knowing you’re not alone. Buchan stated, “That experience showed me I have a talent, I can do this, and I can perform.”

Buchan stays modest throughout her artistic career. She wants to be an inspiration beyond creativity.

“I didn’t know everything about the music industry when I started. I wanted to sing and make people laugh or weep. I didn’t realize that music has a greater influence and a platform sends a bigger message. We have to make the best of a harsh life.

“Everyone has trauma and paths, we can embrace and change it and create the world we want through the arts,” Buchan remarked.

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