What is Neteyam’s age in Avatar 2? 2023
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What is Neteyam’s age in Avatar 2? 2023

Now that Avatar: The Way of Water is now available on Disney Plus, franchise fans have returned to Pandora to relive the film’s most memorable scenes. Throughout James Cameron’s three-hour science-fiction feast, it may be tough to keep track of all the new characters.

None of these new faces are more prominent than Jake and Neytiri’s children: Neteyam and Lo’ak, Tuktirey, and Kiri, who was adopted. Given that the majority of cat-like youngsters on film are adolescents, some have began to ask how old they are intended to be. In particular, Neteyam.

What is Neteyam's age in Avatar 2? 2023 3

How old are the youngsters?

Neteyam is the oldest child of Jake and Neytiri, born immediately after the events of the first film. Given this reasoning, it is reasonable to estimate that Neteyam is around 15 years old. Then Lo’ak would be around 13 and Tuktirey eight. Kiri’s circumstance, on the other hand, is rather peculiar. Kiri, who was formed from Doctor Augustine’s avatar immediately after her death, is 14 years old, therefore they are all around the same age.

Evidently, Avatar is moving in a significantly younger direction. As Jake, Neytriri, and Quaritch age, it is inevitable that the stories portrayed in this reality will focus on their children. This sort of intergenerational narrative may be precisely what the world needs right now, and we cannot wait to see what happens next. Enjoy the program till then by watching Avatar: The Way of Water on Disney Plus.

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