Why was the rapper sentenced to 6 years? 2023
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Why was the rapper sentenced to 6 years? 2023

Fetty Wap received a six-year sentence on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

Willie Junior Maxwell II, the singer, received his jail term in court. Read on to find out why the 31-year-old composer was jailed.

Fetty Wap’s 6-year sentence: why?

Fetty Wap received a six-year federal prison term for narcotics trafficking nationwide. Since his bond was revoked in August, the New Jersey musician has remained in detention. He was accused of holding a gun and threatening to kill someone over FaceTime. He admitted to supplying over 500 grams of cocaine and drugs.

Judge Joanna Seybert sentenced him to six years in Central Islip federal court on Wednesday. Wap appeared in a beige jumpsuit with dreadlocks. I simply ever wanted to aid my family.

“I never asked myself if it was all-right,” he stated in court. Elizabeth Macedonio, the rapper’s lawyer, claimed he needed money to feed his family, especially since the epidemic impacted the live entertainment sector.

Prosecutors said he “glamorized the drug trade” despite making millions from his songs. One prosecutor, Christopher Caffarone, reminded the judge of the “collateral consequences” of drug misuse and said that other pandemic victims “didn’t turn to peddle poison.” Judge Seybert termed it her toughest case.

She praised Wap’s singing career and spoke about his family’s messages describing his kindness. However, his crimes and bail behavior hampered his case. “The thing you cannot escape is that there were other choices,” Judge Seybert remarked before sentence, according to The New York Times.

Wap’s co-defendant, former prison officer Anthony Cyntje, was sentenced to six years for cocaine couriering. The rapper’s co-defendants pled guilty and await punishment.

Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center has protected Wap. Previously charged with copyright infringement, drunk driving, defamation, violence, and property destruction, he has over one billion Spotify plays.

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