‘Wonder Woman’s Hippolyta’ Connie Nielsen Would Want to Play Her Again 2023
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‘Wonder Woman’s Hippolyta’ Connie Nielsen Would Want to Play Her Again 2023

Director James Gunn and producer Peter Safran are redesigning the DC world. In December 2022, The Hollywood Reporter stated that Patty Jenkins’ third Wonder Woman picture doesn’t meet that goal, despite the first film being unanimously praised as one of the best DC superhero films. Gal Gadot’s hero and the Amazons aren’t gone forever.

In January, DC unveiled its ambitious film and TV ambitions, including an Amazon prequel series. HBO Max’s Paradise Lost, named after a Wonder Woman comic, will be a Game of Thrones-like prequel series about Themyscira, the Amazons’ island home, its history, politics, and more. The first Wonder Woman film briefly covers Themyscira’s history.

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James Gunn’s takeover of Warner Bros.’ DC movie world devastated Wonder Woman fans.

The Amazonian queen and general, sisters Hippolyta and Antiope, created the island with the other warriors. Amazons matured differently than humans.

Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman: 1984, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League starred Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright as Hippolyta and Antiope. We asked Nielsen if she’d return to the franchise before The Dreamer’s Viaplay debut.

I adore that character. Nielsen told TV Insider that she loves Wonder Woman. “I witnessed it with my own eyes, my then 12-year-old child sitting next to me with his pals at the premiere. They gasped as we acted. They marveled.”

Nielsen said Wonder Woman’s legacy showed him that action has no gender. “We aren’t limited to one gender expression. Not true. Each gender may express themselves. Wonder Woman demonstrated that repeatedly. Patty Jenkins and Zack Snyder’s Amazons are amazing. It was nearly an entire culture that people sensed.

“I believe a lot of young women feel tremendously powerful seeing those scenes. They should continue. I hope DC will continue to recognize the great influence this sort of narrative has on our society and culture worldwide for women.”

Wonder Woman, a 2017 film about female troops, is rare. Jenkins made the Amazons the world’s mightiest warriors, as depicted in the comics, with the Wonder Woman beach sequence that never gets old and the goosebump-inducing No Man’s Land scene.

Jenkins understood these women had to bravely fight. Nielsen knows. Hippolyta and Antiope-focused Amazon’s prequels?

“Yes,” she said. “Robin and I adore those characters. We adore them.”

The story’s impact inspires her to continue.

“Seeing how people have embraced these personalities has been such a fantastic experience,” she remarked. “I’ve seen it so many times when people just truly go like, ‘You know what, it can be rough out there, but we actually have got this.’ I think women and young men need reminders that they can do this. Our work is done if our films help that. That’s our goal.”

Gunn promised on Instagram and appeared in Shazam! In the Fury of the Gods end-credits sequence, Gadot is not “booted” from DC. With the Amazons’ agelessness, Nielsen and Wright might return as Diana’s mother and aunt in Paradise Lost, which takes place before her demigod’s birth. Nielsen looks game.

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