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A renowned agency now accepts auditions for K-pop schools 2023

One of the most esteemed entertainment businesses in South Korea has opened a school to teach aspiring K-pop artists. Students may pick from a variety of majors, including acting and dance, and pay up to $7,600 per semester (INR 6,28,751 approx.) Here is all the pertinent information.

SM Entertainment, considered one of the founding fathers of K-pop, is home to immensely successful groups such as Super Junior, EXO, Red Velvet, and NCT. Their girl group aespa has recently been in the news for their girl-boss look and appealing songs. The firm has continually experimented with merchandise, music genres, and video concepts (among other things) within the industry, therefore advancing the Hallyu wave and contributing to its transformation into the global phenomenon it is today. In keeping with this, it was recently reported that the agency has created SM Universe Academy, a K-pop school that will choose pupils based on their audition.

Every semester, tuition will range between USD 6,700 (about INR 5,54,367) and USD 7,600 (approximately INR 6,28,751) The three-year program will provide five concentrations: acting, producing, voice, dance, and modeling. Hong Jong-hwa, the dean of the academy, was quoted in a video published by SM Entertainment as stating, “Everyone, become an artist and take the K-pop culture forward, what do you think?.” He is a respected figure in the business, having mentored hip-hop musician Jessi and producer Supreme Boi. He holds a bachelor’s degree in music technology from New York University.

According to sources, around 120 pupils will be admitted, but only after an audition process. The in-house teachers will provide individualized instruction based on each student’s skill level and needs. Graduation to the second semester, which is expected to begin in September, will also necessitate a screening exam, scheduled between July and August. This technique is merely a tiny conceptual deviation from training schools in Korea, which are infamous for subjecting applicants aged 10 to 14 to a grueling 10-year coaching procedure.

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