BLACKPINK Contemplate Before ‘Unreal,’ Historic Coachella Headlining Performance 2023
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BLACKPINK Contemplate Before ‘Unreal,’ Historic Coachella Headlining Performance 2023

BLACKPINK was the first female K-pop group to play Coachella 2019. The group headlined the Indio, California, celebration four years later, setting a new benchmark.

BLACKPINK, Bad Bunny, and Frank Ocean headline Coachella 2023’s day 2 on Saturday, April 15 and 22. The BLACKPINK girls have two full-length albums, individual songs from each group, and many globe tours since their Coachella debut in 2019.

Before this weekend’s significant occasion, each BLACKPINK member spoke to Billboard about their 2019 debut, playing in the desert, and more.

Jennie says her excitement to play at Coachella again outweighs any anxieties.

BLACKPINK Contemplate Before ‘Unreal,' Historic Coachella Headlining Performance 2023 3

“We’re incredibly pleased and privileged to return to Coachella as headliners,” adds The Idol singer. “We had the nicest time in 2019 and can’t wait to feel the audience spirit again. We’re nervous, but we want to have fun.”

Rosé is still processing the opportunity to return as headliners, but she remembers how much their initial performance inspired the group.

The “Gone” singer-songwriter admits it seems unbelievable. “Performing at Coachella in 2019 definitely woke us up as BLACKPINK—to be driven, to dream big. But we never imagined something as significant as becoming the headliner of a festival we’ve all grown up adoring and yearning to be in the crowd of.”

“It’s always so great to see BLINKs up close,” Jisoo laughs, adding, “2019 Coachella was full of interest and excitement, but we have no notion how 2023 Coachella will be. We attempt to exhibit a different aspect for each stage to reward BLINKs’ devotion. It’s a privilege to headline Coachella, and we’ll exhibit our growth as BLACKPINK onstage, so stay tuned.”

Lisa, BLACKPINK’s youngest member, says she’ll follow the group’s credo when performing, even at Coachella.

“Our goal is to cherish every stage and moment, ‘as if it’s the last,’ [by] communicating with the fans through energy and trying our best while performing,” the “Money” star says, referring a renowned BLACKPINK song from 2017. “Look forward to 2023 Coachella performances!”

Rosé wants to focus on returning to the stage, but she and her bandmates must meet the occasion. “We’re happy to be back at Coachella playing, period, but the thing here is—we’re headlining,” she says. “We feel humbled for this chance and enormous responsibility. We’ll provide something fun.”

When paparazzi saw Jisoo and Lisa departing South Korea’s Incheon International Airport for the U.S. earlier this week, the members have kept a low profile on social media as they prepare for Weekend 1.

Jisoo concludes, “Hope you enjoy 2023 Coachella with BLACKPINK,” while Jennie says, “See you in the desert!”

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