Liam Calls Noel “Potato” Gallagher Ruined “Oasis” 2023
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Liam Calls Noel “Potato” Gallagher Ruined “Oasis” 2023

Since Liam Gallagher has resumed calling his brother Noel Gallagher a potato, the Oasis reunion process has advanced another 10 steps in the wrong direction.

“He has hurt Oasis as a band/brand,

The musician resorted to Twitter to assert that his elder brother “has done a lot of harm to Oasis as a band / brand,” therefore placing the responsibility for a possible reunion squarely on the shoulders of the other musician.

According to a tweet that was sent by Gallagher, “Here’s how I see it the little fella aka potato has done a lot of harm to Oasis as a band/brand he’s got a lot of making up to do not only to me but to you the fans the ones who placed us where we are today as you were LG x.”

He need to have his people call my people

It would appear that this tweet is a reaction to a recent interview in which Noel claimed that it was up to Liam whether or not Oasis will get back together. Noel responded by saying, “He need to have his people call my people.” “They are aware of who they are, and they are also aware of where we are. Let’s hear what you have to say instead of you chatting on the Internet for the rest of this conversation.

When questioned if Noel was serious when he indicated that a reunion was truly simply “a matter of a phone call,” the older Gallagher responded by saying “you would think,” but then he vowed that “[Liam] won’t call.”

Liam declined to contact “anyone” associated with Noel, referring to them as “cowboys” and “yes men” while chatting with fans online. It’s the latest salvo in what’s been a years-long battle of egos between the Oasis singer and guitarist; each artist has made statements at various points since the band split up in 2009 about wanting to reunite, but they’ve never really talked to each other about it.

It’s the latest in a battle of egos that’s lasted for years. They do this by shouting into the void of the internet and depending on the kindness of strangers to pass on their messages to one another. It is obvious that their capacity for communicating is not on par with the virtues of their songwriting, which is most likely why they decided to stop working together in the first place. Have a look at the most recent exchange between them down below.

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